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Friday, July 28, 2017
By Itty Bitty Animals
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Welcome to the BLUE ZOO - the last outpost for shiny blue animals! Would you like to adopt one of these unique animals from the BLUE ZOO? Just think - you would adopt one of the only blue animals on the planet from the BLUE ZOO! We know that our customers are lovers of special, unique, sparkly blue animals that are blue-blooded, and dignified looking itties. This sparkly blue elephant and giraffe are only for the true connoisseurs of Fine Art! The giraffe, Lapis Lazuli, has made an arduous journey from Afghanistan where lapis lazuli is mined. Saphhire hails from Thailand where sparkly blue elephants are in control of the saphhire mines. Adopting one of these fantastic and exotic creatures will build your esteem within your neighborhood. YOU will be the only one in your neighborhood who has a sparkly blue itty bitty animal!